There is Doing in the Praying

I received news last night that someone we love has lost someone they love and it’s heartbreaking and I found myself wanting to do something- anything to help. But there’s nothing to be done now and nothing we can do except pray. So that’s what we will do


How often do we find ourselves in situations like this where we search our brains for something we can DO to help when all we can really do or need to be doing is praying?


There is DOING in the PRAYING. Lots of it.


Sometimes it’s hard to SEE the doing in the praying, or feel like we are doing anything of worth- but we must know that any Time spent in prayer is so worthy, worth it, beneficial for all involved and there are so many things we can’t see- so many ways He moves as a result of prayer that we may never know about


Sometimes it’s hard to be still and pray, to quiet our minds, not be busy or “actively” doing things, but we must still press on in prayer. We must be still and know that when we pray we are doing business with God Almighty and He hears every word we utter from our lips and even our hearts


May we be confident in our God and prayers. May we see praying as doing and if we open our eyes enough we will see God working in all things. For good. For those who love Him.♥️


Feel free to comment on how God is speaking to you today!

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