Palm Sunday

💚🙌🏼 a prophecy fulfilled. Jesus riding on a donkey. Some loved Him, some didn’t understand Him or questioned Him. Some hated Him and wanted Him dead.

Surely He knew at this point the plans His Father had for Him. His death. Our salvation. His suffering. Our forgiveness. His resurrection. Our eternal life.

So much of this life doesn’t make sense, isn’t fair or we just can’t grasp the whys. So much of Christ’s life was just this but God had a plan of redemption, healing and completeness that came through pain, suffering and death.

Is there something in your life you just can’t make sense of? Hold onto the Lord and trust Him as He can work and bring good. Healing. Freedom. Forgiveness. Redemption. Resurrection. All things are possible with God.

If He can make sense and bring about good from Christ’s tragic death, He can do the same for any situation in our own lives. 💚

Happy Palm Sunday. Love y’all 💚

Feel free to comment on how God is speaking to you today!

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