W O R L D ~ Five Minute Friday

God created the world and everything in it;

But how often we look to this world to fulfill us.

To fill this hole inside our souls

An aching to belong and to be known.

When we already are so known, so loved by our Creator.

How often we miss it because this world distracts.

It vies for our attention but leaves us in lack.

Of the goodness and grace of the Father above

Of forgiveness and kindness, gentleness and love.

This world is a world in which sin gets its way

It destroys and deceives and ruins our stay.

But hope has a name, it’s Jesus Christ

None can compare. None can compete.

With the healing, freedom and wholeness He brings

to His children, surrendered, fallen on our knees.

Giving it up to Him this place in our souls

Granting the Maker complete control

One with the world or one with God?

It’s one or the other- which way do we fall?

12 thoughts on “W O R L D ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. I have been studying/considering that thought of looking to the world to fulfill desires that only Christ can feel. It has been humbling…but I always smile when the same idea shows up in the most unexpected places (like a blog!) to reinforce what I’ve been thinking. Thanks for your thoughts!

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  2. I’m reminded of the words from “This world has nothing for me” from Caedmons Call – “This world has nothing for me And this world has everything All that I could wanted And nothing that I need.” We look for fulfillment everywhere but from the One who can truly fill our hearts with everything we ever need. Thank you for your beautiful words ❤ – Dianna #FMF

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  3. This is a beautiful poem! I agree, it’s far too easy for the world to get in the way and distract us from the amazing hope and blessings we have through Jesus. Glad to be your FMF neighbour today at #13.

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