SOUL to SOUL with Nicole Arbuckle!!

family picAwesome wisdom and insight about getting into God’s Word by Nicole Arbuckle!  Nicole has written two amazing studies, Lifeline and Her.meneutics.  In this audio post we discuss her studies and tools/tips to studying the Bible.  Listen and be encouraged! (audio only) 🙂

Some notes:


Trust in His Truth

Expect Him to speak

Ask Him to teach you and speak to you

Commit to His ways

Hide His Word in our Hearts

~She Reads Truth App

~Get a Study Bible, Life Application is great!

~Start with the book of John or James in the Bible

~Seamless by Angie Smith is a new women’s bible study that is a great place to start; it’s an overview of the Bible as a whole.  Central Baptist Church in Jonesboro will be offering this study at 5 different times this summer.

teach printable

~For more on Nicole, check out her blog at

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