Look for Him

“For the Word of the Lord is upright and all His work is done in faithfulness. He loves righteousness and justice. The earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord.” Psalm 33:4-5

Yesterday’s verse of the day on my Bible app…isn’t it beautiful?  Two parts really stick out to me; “all His work is done in faithfulness” and “the earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord.”

All His work is done in faithfulness.  Wow.  I’m so grateful for this reminder because sometimes I question God’s work (I know, it’s awful of me).  I’ve asked Him, “Lord, what are You doing!?”  Oh how small is my faith when I ask such questions!  John 13:7 comes to mind here:

“You don’t understand what I am doing now, but someday you will.”

When things don’t go as planned, when we are blind sighted by circumstances in life, we often question His faithfulness.  When our prayers aren’t answered exactly as they are prayed, when they are prayed, we often wonder if He is only faithful in certain times.  We are so in the here and now, aren’t we?  We forget that He sees all and knows all…we only know what is right in front of us or what we are in the middle of.  And we forget that He is good.  We forget all the times He has been faithful and sometimes we even stop looking for Him.

All His work is done in faithfulness.  We must know this and cling to it, but first we must look for it.  Keep your eyes open and you will see His faithful work all around you.

The earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord.  I can look out my window right now and see His love.  There is a large tree in the distance, but in my view, and at the top are a few twigs.  It’s a focal point for me when I am in my “bible study room” (it’s actually the dining room).  My eyes are naturally drawn to this spot on the tip of the tree where many a bird has been naturally (or maybe supernaturally) drawn there as well.  I see the Lord’s love for me in those bare twigs at the top of the tree but I really see His love when there is a bird perched on it.  Which almost always, there is.

I see His love in sunsets and sunrises– you can’t get more steadfast than that can you?  Just as the sun comes up and goes down each day, so constant is the Lord’s love for His children.  I see His love in birds flying through the air, in the geese that linger at the pond outside.  I see it in the eyes of other people; my children, my husband, friends and family.  I see His love in strangers that I meet, chance encounters that may seem random but aren’t at all.  Nothing is a coincidence in the spiritual realm…it’s purpose and God’s plan.  Keep your eyes open and you will see His steadfast love surrounding you.

Where do you see the Lord’s work done in faithfulness?  Where do you see His never ending love on the earth?  Today, I pray we all look a little closer for Him.  I pray we keep our eyes open to see not only Him working, but the faithfulness in His work.  I pray He reveals specific ways to show you, individually, His steadfast love on the earth.  It is there, in everything, and so is He.  Look for Him.

~Keep a faith journal, documenting where you see His faithfulness at work so in those times you might wonder what He is doing, you can read back and be reminded of His faithfulness to you.

~Take pictures of people or places or things that reveal the Lord’s love to you.  Put them in an album so you will never forget How deep and constant His love is for you.

I’m in this with you, friends.  Lot’s of love, Sarah 🙂

2 thoughts on “Look for Him

  1. Great reminder, Sarah. Great is His faithfulness! Thanks for the new message…a real “pick me up” at a time when we or folks around us are hurting from this world’s calamities. Dad


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